4 reasons why you should regularly go to a dentist

4 reasons why you should regularly go to a dentist

Having to see a dentist regularly is as hectic as it sounds. May people go years without having a dental checkup due to fear, anxiety and financial issues. What they fail to understand is the risks their negligence will bring. Scheduling an appointment every 4-6 months is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why you should regularly see a dentist:

Early diagnosis

There are many among us who brush and floss their teeth regularly. They may also use mouthwash to ensure proper cleaning of their teeth. Having done so, they do not feel the need to get a regular checkup by the best dentist melbourne. It is important for us to understand that the cavities or tartar cannot be removed by brushing alone. Our teeth may seem fine but there could be problems that can only be identified by a dentist. The regular visit to a dentist can save us from issues like gum bleeding, cavities, tooth decay, etc. This early diagnosis helps us to identify and treat these minor problems, ensuring that these issues do not turn into complex problems in future.

Regular X-Rays

Having a regular check up also includes the regular x-rays. It allows the dentist to see between the teeth and beneath the surface of the mouth. It gives the dentist a complete and clear picture of the patient’s mouth. For example, change in the bone structure of the jaw or a tumor is not visible to our naked eye. Some of the oral problems do not include toothache or gum bleeding. As they go undetected, these problems spread which makes the treatment painful and expensive. Decay between teeth, decaying fillings, wedged wisdom teeth, need for a root canal, cyst or a tumor, periodontal disease can all be identified with a dental x-ray. It is an efficient, easy and much affordable approach of getting a complete diagnosis of your oral hygiene.

Oral cancer screening

With the growing awareness and advanced technologies, we have fully become aware of the term ‘cancer’ and everything related to it. Oral cancer or mouth cancer mosty go unnoticed until it has reached the last stages. It is a very serious disease that can spread without our knowing. Having a regular checkup will help to identify the cancer in its initial stage, thus increasing the chances of survival. Your visit to the dentist can save you from going through the painful and intense treatment of chemo as the oral cancer. Your dentist can recognize the cancer at the beginning and offer full recovery. Like x-ray, it is also a painless and efficient procedure.

Tooth loss and bleeding gum

Bleeding gum is the most common thing we all have seen. It might be due to brushing vigorously or some other hidden issue.Making your gums bleed and sensitivity can also lead to tooth loss. Losing our teeth can affect us both physically and mentally. Having hollow spaces in your mouth can give birth to accumulated plaque. It will also lower our confidence and self esteem. In order to prevent this, we need to get our regular dentist appointment. Seeking professional help can prevent any serious damage.

It is never a good idea to go for more than six months without a dental checkup. It is important that we do not delay our dental appointment to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


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